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We have completely revamped the Forum Module to meet industry requirements. This allows you to better categorize content on your site by using the "Boards" feature. Instead of having all your forum threads on one page, you can now create "Boards" as categories for your visitors!

Some Features Outlined:

  • Boards - allows you to create categories, where your visitor can then view topics/threads by that category. This allows you to create a "Feedback" category where visitors can supply feedback to your website, or a "Suggestions" category where people can submit suggestions.
  • Sticky Topics - Ever wanted important notices at the very top of the forum category? Now you can with sticky topics! This will place the topic at the top of the Board, allowing people to see those first, this is beneficial if you want to give "Tips on how to submit feedback".
  • Lock Topics - Instead of hiding the topic, you can now lock it. Once a topic is locked, no one can reply to it, but can still view it!
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